we dug into our existing makeup and accessory collections to serve you an easy way to glam up your holiday look and turn heads! check it out…





beauty :: by mua, payal patel

amp up your holiday makeup look this year by stepping up your eyeliner game. This look is creative, simple, and perfect for the season!

for the eye makeup, I created a less dramatic smokey eye, with of course my traditional winged liner. Here’s where I stepped it up! I added a gold liquid eyeliner right above the black winged liner to create a more festive and fun look. it’s perfect for all of the upcoming holiday events, and it’s easy! the Urban Decay RAZOR SHARP Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner is perfect to create this double eyeliner effect.

since the eyes are the main attraction, I kept my face makeup fresh and simple. the foundation I used was my usual everyday Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Cover foundation (shade: Caramel 12), which has a matte finish, and a full 24 hour wear.

finish off the look with a liquid lipstick (since we love eating a ton during holiday get togethers) such as the Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Beso”(true red) or the shade “Patina” (nude/mauve lip). this liquid lipstick will stay on from the minute you apply until the night ends — I’m not kidding!

styling :: by stylist/designer, amy devan

this post is all about glam beauty, so we’ll keep the styling short. my suggestion for the holiday season is to choose jewelry and accessory pieces that make an elegant statement all on their own. balance that elegance with a simplistic silhouette in monochrome colors (clothing wise) and allow those accessories to shine! that’s exactly what we did here for Payal — because her makeup was the show stopper, I simply added an extra element of “wow” with the NAVEDA Rhea Necklace and Earring Set (contact for inquiries on this jewelry set). for more shopping and styling tips from NAVEDA, check out


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