Chutney in a Tee :: Collab with Imli Designs

when Imli Designs first started making an appearance on out Instagram feeds, we couldn’t wait to collab with this brand! the designs mesh modern streetsyle with traditional whimsy — with a mission to make this world a friendlier, more inclusive place. sign us up for that!


IMG_1113.jpg     IMG_1094.jpg


styling :: by stylist/designer, amy devan

we chose the “Rangrez Tee” for our looks. something about this faceless man with a bandini turban was intriguing to us. he’s representative of our rich and colorful indian culture, but anonymous so as to represent diversity everywhere.

when rocking a tee like this, it has to create conversation and make a statement — isn’t that the point? that said, from a styling standpoint, i didn’t want any layering distracting from the tees and so we paired them with a mini skirt to keep the looks simple overall. mine is a beaded-pattern mini that pulled out the vibrant colors of the bandini in the tee. Payal’s mini is a classic black one with zippers purposefully placed to visually create curves in the silhouette. as for shoes, i kept it cas with dark brown leather ankle booties and for Payal, I wanted to play on the silver zippers of her skirt by adding silver loafers (huge this season, so get you some!).

because we wanted the focus to remain on the tees, and then subsequently draw the eye up to the face, makeup was everything for these looks! check out Payal’s take on our color infused makeup looks.

beauty :: by mua, payal patel

because we were aiming for our looks to be more simple, the first makeup look I thought of was the traditional smokey eye to give off more drama, but with a twist! I decided to create a warm maroon smokey eye to compliment the simplicity, yet vibrance of the tee shirt. it was the perfect balance between a simple and dramatic. one of my recent favorite palettes that I used to create this look was the Urban Decay Heat Palette.

for the lips, we wanted to gloss them up (not our usual!) and add a tint of maroon/red, but at the same time, keep it very subtle. in order to keep the lips subtle, i lightly dabbed a maroon toned lipstick towards the center of the opening of the lips rather than applying it all over. it gives off a more ombré effect.

for hair, i wanted amy to have the full on grunge. this is as simple as teasing your hair towards the ends and spraying it down with a light spray (the Luminous Hairspray by MoroccanOil is a favorite of mine!). for my hair, i wanted sleek thin hair (currently trending!) which can easily be done with a straightening iron, some hairspray, and some bobby pins the secure the parting in the middle (pin your hair down very tightly behind your ears).

IMG_1098-1     IMG_1091
IMG_1112     img_10961.jpg


we hope you’re loving our style + beauty posts so far! we love sharing tips + tricks from our every day with you. if there’s something you want to see on our blog, shoot us a note at the best kind of creative content comes from our followers!

thanks for loving amyxpayal! be sure to check us out on Instagram:

amy: @houseofaveda

payal: @payalmua



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