fashion and beauty allow us to unapologetically take artistic + fresh risks. why not translate that to South Asian styling? the sari is one of the most sensual and beautiful silhouettes, and traditional ways of tying it will forever be classic and effortless. however, check out how we brought modern styling into the mix with this easy tutorial on how to wear a sari in pant form and of course the perfect wearable-edgy hair and makeup looks!

we get it….a sari can be overwhelming with its endless flowing fabric! we also know that the aunties at the next wedding you’re attending may not be ready for what we’re about to share here….or maybe you’ll be the trend setter of the community. whatever the case, try out this sari pant because (1) it’s super easy, and (2) sometimes you just gotta shake things up when it comes to styling.

Photo Credit: Abhi Sarkar

what you’ll need to get started:

  • a sari of your choice (opt for georgette for the best drape)
  • 5-6 safety pins
  • black leggings
  • black (or basic) tank or crop top — you could also wear a sari blouse
  • heels
  • accessories


Step 1: use a safety pin to mark the midpoint of your sari (length wise)

Step 2: begin pleating the width of one side of the sari (~4″ pleats)  until you get to the sari’s midpoint (in other words, until you get to your placeholder pin in Step 1)

Step 3: secure the pleats with a safety pin

Step 4: tuck the pleated portion into leggings at the center-front of the body

Step 5: take excess fabric around the body, tucking as you go and stopping at mid-back

Step 6: with excess fabric, pleat the remaining edge to create a “pallu,” then pin in place on the shoulder [*note: yes, the pallu is generally on the left shoulder for a traditionally worn sari, but with this pant look, the choice is yours! for Payal, we went with right shoulder to bring attention to her hair, and for my look, we went with left since the Pallu is more prominent over the vest]

Final step: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

not too bad, right? to complete the look, accessorize like crazy and get creative. i wanted to cinch in the waist for Payal’s look, and so we linked a few anklets (payals) together to create a thin belt. we added big statement earrings, a cuff, and hot pink bindi to finish off the look.

for my look, i needed stilettos because i’m petite and sometimes a sari (however i wear it), just consumes me. i added on jewels like in Payal’s look and then added visual interest with a vest. mine is NAVEDA (available here), but you could you really pair any vest or cropped jacket with this look. my style advice here is to stick to a minimalist silhouette for the vest/jacket versus something overly embellished. the sari pant is the focus and so it’s best not to distract from that and rather compliment it with other pieces.

as for hair, Payal kept both of our looks sleek. for her own hair, she twisted and pinned three rows of hair (on one side only) and swept the rest of her hair on to her shoulder. give us a shout if you want Payal to do a tutorial on this!!!

for my hair (Amy), Payal wanted the look to be edgy but not overdone. a couple posts back, she did a tutorial on how to achieve this hair look — check it out HERE! no joke — i literally rocked this sleek hair look 3 times already after she taught me how to do it myself! definitely a must watch tutorial!

hope you enjoyed our post this week! thanks for all the love, babes! be sure to follow our blog + leave us some love when you see something you like!


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  1. Beyoutiful says:

    Indian gal here! Never thought of that before but it’s a great idea and nice look you got there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amyxpayal says:

      hey there! so happy you love it! try it out + tag us on a selfie #amyxpayal …thanks so much for the love! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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