a kurti (tunic) is a staple in every south asian girl’s wardrobe. it’s what we wear when we can’t figure out what to wear. style enthusiast, amy, has a fresh take on styling that good ‘ole kurti. check it out!

payal’s look ::


Payal had a black/gold block print cotton kurti laying around that she loves, but it needed a major up-cycle. the first step when it comes to styling is to be “ok” working with what you already have in your closet rather than rushing out the door on a panicked (and time crunched) shopping spree. for Payal’s look, i wanted to add interesting contrast to her mostly black tunic and so we opted for a bold red dupatta (scarf) she had in her wardrobe. the sheerness of the dupatta combined with pinning it only on one shoulder adds just enough coverage without being overwhelming and stealing the show. with a pop of red already in the mix, there was no need to overcomplicate the look, and so we stuck with plain black leggings and a gladiator sandal heel (also from her closet). to finish the look, we added a handbag with warmer, earthy hues of the colors in her garments — doing this creates complimentary balance without being matchy matchy. the bag we chose is a newbie NAVEDA collection bag (available for pre-order).

<< Payal is also wearing a NAVEDA necklace, part of the newest collection :: The Reth Collection // available here >>

amy’s look ::


we’ll call this look the “indian tuxedo” — get it?! for my own look, i chose a denim kurti (yes, denim kurtis are a thing). if you happen to be in Delhi anytime soon, my denim kurti is from Lakshita…this cute boutique in M Block Market. i love it because i can wear it literally year round.

when you have a kurti that is different (in this case denim is the unique factor), keep that the focus. for my look, i chose not to distract from the denim with a dupatta and instead enhance the look with black leggings, gladiator heels (because a little skin even if it’s just feet breaks up the otherwise modest look), and of course my signature gold gungaroo bag. choose a bag that makes a desi statement to a more westernized kurti like the one i have on here. it’s the perfect fusion mix, fit for any occasion, both casual or fancy.

on a side note, when you’re shopping, vary your collection of kurtis rather than selecting the “obvious” desi ones. choose a mix of styles that can be styled up/down in multiple ways…by that i mean, choose minimalist options like this, traditional detail like in Payal’s block print kurti, basic nuetrals that can be mixed and matched with dupattas and bottoms already in your wardrobe, and varying lengths. on another side note, if you’re tired of the kurti/legging duo look, opt for palazzos, a simplistic lehenga skirt (like the ones in our ‘90s grunge gone desi post), or even a cropped cigarette pant (like this).

<< NAVEDA gungaroo bag available for pre-order :: email >>


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