ever scroll through your social media feed, envying the minimalist trend but not sure where to start when you try it for yourself? check out our tutorial on how to create a capsule wardrobe with basics from your own closet…

…that’s exactly what our in-house stylist, Amy did with Payal’s wardrobe. we first sifted through Payal’s closet and set aside 12 basics she already had.  you’ll likely have most of these as well, and if you don’t, they’re easy finds.  collectively, these 12 items will become your capsule wardrobe… essentially a mini collection of styles.


so here’s THE LIST:

  1. your favorite denim [i.e. skinny, straight leg, boyfriend, etc. are all fine]
  2. leather staple [real or faux will do]
  3. white Tee
  4. statement color item [any color you love. For Payal, that’s anything in olive!]
  5. your favorite little black dress
  6. denim jacket
  7. basic black blazer
  8. black tank [opt for one that isn’t ribbed for an elevated vs. cas look]
  9. round neck sweatshirt
  10. black mini skirt
  11. your favorite black pants [the style doesn’t matter, but the fit always does]
  12. white blouse or buttondown shirt

check out how Amy styled these 12 essentials from Payal’s wardrobe into SEVEN looks! once you’ve got the basics together, the styling options are endless!  you can continue to build your wardrobe from there.

of course, you’ll need shoes + accessories as well!  for shoes, pick a few staples in a neutral palette — things like sneaks, gladiator heels, or pumps.  keep clutches and shades also in the minimalist tone as shown here.  for jewelry, try vintage pieces from your mom’s gems… for Payal, we chose antique silver + gold Indian jewelry from Mama Patel! the vintage jewels immediately added the right touch of eclectic-edge to the look, while staying true to minimalism.

there you have it, 12 basics into 7 looks, styled to take you from day to night! be sure to check out the full video on Youtube!

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