summer temps are here (finally), so it’s time to have some fun with styling + accessorizing.  check out this quick DIY tutorial on how to turn a scarf it into a headwrap!

the headwrap trend has roots from cultures across the globe, and is also reminiscent of 1960’s vintage fashion.  each resort season, we see it on the runway, wrapped and styled in a fresh way.  luxury designers such as Missoni and Gucci both had their own take on the headwrap for example:

Missoni :: Resort 2017 / source:
Gucci :: Resort 2017 / Source:

whether your style vibe is edgy downtown chic, bohemian cool, or something totally true to you, this accessory trend is easy and elevates a simple summer outfit. plus, it’s super economical because more than likely, you probably have a scarf (or chunni for our South Asian babes) in your wardrobe.  search for your favorite scarves in your closet and try this easy DIY head-wrap…

check out how designer + stylist, Amy Devan, tied a head-wrap on our in-house MUA + beauty expert, Payal Patel. it’s an easy 5-step process as outlined below!  be sure to watch the FULL YouTube tutorial on NAVEDA COUTURE’s YouTube channel (SEE *FULL* VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE):

what you’ll need to do before you begin:

  • find any large rectangular scarf
  • “jhush” your hair…a.k.a. think chic bed-head. the head-wrap will look all the more effortless if your hair isn’t perfect

Step 1: start with the shorter side of a scarf, and begin folding into a panel

Step 2: place center of fabric on your forehead, just under your hairline

Step 3: criss-cross the fabric at the back of your head

Step 4: bring fabric to the front, and tie excess into a knot

Step 5: continue wrapping excess fabric around your head and tuck in loose ends

voila! isn’t she a stunner???

side note :: love Payal’s double-winged liner???  check out our post last week on how to achieve this look yourself! click here

now comes the fun part — styling with an outfit.  Amy chose to rock a similarly tied head-wrap with a simple summer look you’re bound to have in your closet: denim and basic tank.

beach waves :: by Payal Patel, MUA

look deets :: scarf: from her wardrobe / glasses: BasicLUX / tank: Forever 21 / denim: Rag & Bone / necklace: NAVEDA


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  1. payticular says:

    Yes I love the head-wrap on both of you girls!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amyxpayal says:

      Thank you so much for the headwrap love! Super easy to do and great for a summer look!


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